Saturday, May 20, 2017

Expressions From Years Ago: National Socialism and Aryanism

Pertaining to National-Socialism and Aryanism


What is human? What is Aryan? This is the first and foremost goal in our quest for Enlightenment.

Realization of the human condition, followed by the realization of the Aryan condition.

- June 2009


As Aryans, our sole duty is to simply be Aryan - to behave with decency and dignity, to work hard and honestly, to dream big, to explore existence, to create, and to pave the way for future Aryan generations.

Our sole duty as National-Socialists is to adhere to the eternal laws of Nature and to advance our race, culture, and civilization until they reach their final conclusion.

- June 2009


It is neither our duty nor our concern to make Aryans out of non-Aryans. If they don't wish to climb tall mountains, explore the oceans's depths, sail around the world, or explore the universe in search of knowledge, then they don't have to.

Let non-Aryans be non-Aryans. Our energy should be saved for our own race.

- June 2009


National-Socialism is a sense of social justice applied to a nation of singular race and cultural manifestations, living in adherence and harmony with the eternal laws of Nature.

Ultimately, National-Socialism is the health, strength, and beauty of the Aryan race in all of its expressions.

- April 2009


To be a National-Socialist, and, hence, to be a real Aryan, is to be beautiful.

- August 2008


We must live with one thing always in mind: We are National-Socialist Aryans, we lead where others only follow. Therefore, we must always set the example.

- March 2009


When left with nothing, you have but one thing: the blood in your veins - given to you by your Ancestors, it is that which makes your being possible, as a being of this world. In the end, it is all you truly have.

- Unknown date, 2008 or 2009


Pure blood carries with it the voices of a single Ancestry.

- March 2009

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