Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ancient-Soul Searching

Ancient-Soul Searching: The Spirit of The Aryan Race

(The Callings)

17 September 2012

(Edited 25 October 2017)


In countless expressions it can be seen: a deep, primal yearning for the connection to the roots of our race's identity. 

Do you not also see it?

Between the lines can be read the words which cry out to the spirit of Ancestors, of every tribe of our ancient race. Embedded in every expression there is a desperate calling to the origins of our soul...that such a re-connection might show us the way to freedom, and to that which is familiar: To show us the direction to a tearful reunion.

Can you not also hear the cry in a thousand different voices, in a thousand different expressions?

Does not your own heart also cry out as so many others do?, this crying out for that ancient and sacred place...of that which we once knew, but that which is now long ago forgotten? 

Consciously or subconsciously, something deep within our people has been calling out to that place of ancient familiarity from whence we came: Back to that ancient and mysterious time before the decline of our race resulted in the onset of spiritual amnesia.


Perhaps our ancient Ancestors, too, were searching for something, and that is why they trekked the entire earth and sailed every ocean. Maybe there is some truth behind the myths of Atlantis and Hyperborea...maybe our Ancestors have been searching for their original homeland that was lost to them thousands of years before... 

Perhaps that is why the Norsemen spent most of their lives at sea, and why the Vedics spent so much time in transcendent meditation, and why the Druids spent their lives searching out the properties of every root and plant and herb...and why every ancient people, from the Inca, to the Egyptians, to the Greeks, and to the Norsemen, kept their gaze fixed upon the starry night sky - but only they were not consciously aware of it... They were all driven by subconscious forces: the Ancestral memory: the echoes of their Ancestors whispered in the depths of their soul.


Your essence as an Aryan was not born in this lifetime, thus it will always be searching and seeking for that something that we can hardly consciously know.

It is that something that keeps philosophers philosophizing, spiritualists meditating, wonderers wondering, and explorers exploring...

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  1. Food for thought, I have certainly always felt that way without expressing it until I read your post which gave words to the feelings I had always.