Sunday, October 29, 2017

National Socialism: The Path

National Socialism: The Path

(Still a work in progress)

28 October 2017


National Socialism: a Path, not a Destination

In ancient Vedic tradition they called their worldview Sanatana Dharma, which translates from Sanskrit into English as "Eternal Natural Order/Way". Their worldview was a path which led to a destination. The path was called Yoga. The destination was called Vedanta. Yoga literally means "the path", and Vedanta translates as "the end of all knowledge", which we can consider to be something like enlightenment. They considered their worldview a journey which had a destination.

In order to properly comprehend the true depth and gravity of National Socialism it has to be viewed the same way: it's not the destination - it's the path toward the destination. National Socialism is the Yoga which leads to Vedanta. National Socialist Vedanta is Racial Enlightenment.


Limitations of the Title

The name "National Socialism" tends to interfere with people's ability to understand the worldview. The name really does not do the philosophy any real justice. National Socialism is a philosophy, a worldview, but it has a modern political title because the mode of social development in the modern age happens to be entirely political. Had National Socialism come to life in an era of philosophy instead of politics it would most certainly have been called something entirely different, perhaps something along the lines of "Racial Naturism" or something to that effect.

National Socialism's original purpose was to establish a nation, and eventually an entire human civilization, on the natural order - every aspect of civilization stemming from consciousness of Nature.


Nationalism as Natural Order

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