Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hidden, Lost, and Forgotten

Hidden, Lost, and Forgotten

17 December 2008

(edited/updated 2 December 2017)


The White race today is a lost and forgotten city: overgrown by wild weeds and ivy vines. The stone walls of our city, nearly unrecognizable, are covered by moss and mold, and are filled with many cracks. 

Tall trees with wild and untamed branches shroud over ancient castles and temples, casting a shadow over the boundaries of our city. So long has it been since the Sun has shone its benevolent golden rays down upon the stones of our ancient city...

Lost and forgotten, our city grows old and is decayed by weather and time. Birds make nests and raise their young in the empty regions of the foundations of our race. Still so beautiful even though so overgrown...


Our greatest enemies know the exact location of our lost city, and they hide it from us by every means. They build fences and walls to keep us out of our city...and in the cages they have built for us.

But from time to time a wanderer of our race stumbles upon the broken stone and rusted iron entrance to our lost world. Amazed and dazzled he wanders about in the streets and alleys of our ancestors. He runs through fields and swims in streams. He climbs hills and ventures through dark caves. Tears fill his eyes as he takes in the majesty of this lost world...he knows in his heart that he is now home. 

He tears at the ivy and moss to reveal the beautiful stones. He sees the inscriptions left by the ancients and knows what he must do. A mission has been given to him by his newfound consciousness. 

He ventures back to the city of the enemy to gather groups of people so that he might guide them back to the hidden location, so they might witness the lost city of our race.

A forgotten consciousness grows conscious again in their hearts and they all know where they must go. 

In that forgotten city, consumed by vegetation, they found the truth. In that lost world their consciousness was awakened and they remembered that they are Aryans. And so they take up the fight to take back their racial consciousness from the enemies who are holding them psychologically captive. 

A leader shows himself to the lost Aryans and the war begins.


The last man to stumble upon the ruins of our forgotten city of Aryan racial consciousness was perhaps the greatest living being that has yet to grace this planet: his name was Adolf Hitler. He found the city of our racial consciousness, cleared it of the wild and overgrown vegetation, and made it livable for our people once again. 

But once again it was stolen from us. Now it remains as it was: hidden away under moss and mold, under weeds and choked by ivy vines. Again the consciousness of our Aryan race remains a forgotten city to our people...

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