Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Who is Aryan? An Introduction

An Introduction to Who is Aryan

November 2013

(Edited/Updated 27 February 2018)


Who is Aryan isn't a matter of opinion: it is a matter of historical and biological fact. 

"Aryan" is a word that comes from the ancient and now dead language known as Sanskrit. The word translates into English literally as "noble one", and was the title given to our Ancestors, ancient White-European peoples who had migrated into areas such as Persia and India, because of the nature of their character and behavior - the manner in which they conducted themselves.

Even during battle our Ancestors were reported to have been more noble and honorable, and exercised the highest degree of maturity and discretion. They exercised fair judgement and remained civilized at all times, and never lowered themselves to the standards of the savage peoples that they conquered.


To answer the question directly: An Aryan is anyone of Indo-European racial stock who happens to live by higher standards than basic human beings. "Aryan" denotes a race as well as quality of character. To be Aryan one has to be what we today call "White", and they have to be noble and honorable in addition.

Aryan is not limited to blond or red hair, or to blue or green eyes. Aryan is White-European, no matter where they may have traveled, lived, or settled over the course of the last 35-thousand years. Aryans live in America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and even in some small regions of Central and South America; as well as areas of Asia and the Middle East.


Aryan means a White person who is noble, honorable, mature, decent, and wholesome. 

Aryan means one who strives for a higher civilization, one as far removed from non-Aryan savagery as earthly possible.

To be Aryan means to better than average, to reject mediocrity. To be Aryan means to rise above primitiveness.

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