02 December 2021

Surviving Long-Term Homelessness (Gab version, short)

Surviving long-term homelessness:

I've tried typing this up several times, but I keep running out of characters. So here's a truncated version. Hopefully my experience in this matter will help others on the verge of homelessness, or those who're already living it.

1) The longer you're homeless, the longer you're going to be homeless.

SO, if you're anticipating homelessness, get your name in the system NOW. Start applying for EVERYTHING: housing assistance, financial assistance, medical assistance, employment assistance, ANYTHING.

If you're already homeless and haven't done the above yet, DO IT IMMEDIATELY. The system takes forever helping people, so don't waste a single second.


This point will save your life.

During my two-plus years of homelessness, the ONLY people who attacked me were other homeless. They prey on each other, because they know their own don't go to the police. Other homeless will be the ones who will exploit you, rob you, rape you, beat you, and potentially even murder you. So stay away from them. Stay alive.


Learn to blend in with normal non-homeless society: that's where safety and opportunities are. When you look homeless, normal people will be suspicious of you - in their stores, at their parks, in their neighborhoods. And when you look homeless, other homeless will spot you, and they WILL prey on you.

So stay clean. Stay quite. Don't talk about being homeless with anyone outside of the system or outside of anyone who's already helping you.

When I was homeless, I used public sinks at parks to bathe, to brush my teeth, to shave, and to keep my hair groomed. I clipped my fingernails. I scrubbed stains on my clothing with a toothbrush, etc. (I want to expand on this aspect, but I keep running out of characters).

4) Life or death: Mindset is everything.

Do not EVER get comfortable being homeless. As stated in point one, the longer you're homeless, the longer you're going to be homeless. Your mindset must be one of getting out ASAP. Your every waking thought should be "This is not the rest of my life. I will overcome this situation. I want to live a normal life again. I WILL live a normal life again."

Keep your eyes open for every opportunity to improve your situation.

When I was homeless, I stayed in wealthier suburbs, just to keep my mind in a positive place. I kept myself surrounded by healthy and happy people, in healthy and successful neighborhoods. I watched normal people doing normal things, and envisioned myself living a life just like them again. I smiled at people, responded to people making small talk with me. I kept myself anchored in a better future, a future from which I drew a river of strength to overcome.

5) Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Be prepared to suffer. Be prepared to struggle. But stay stoic, accept suffering as a passing storm. It will pass, and the sun will shine again.

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12 May 2021

Positive Reproduction

Positive Reproduction: Quality vs Quantity

Originally written 22 March 2021 on Gab

You can't help how you were born, but you can help what you do with your own life. There are many things in life that are, and always will be, out of your control, but your actions will always belong to you, and you alone.

People can't help being born sick or weak due to inherited genetic conditions. The shame and blame belongs entirely to the selfish and irresponsible parents for forcing a lifetime of sickness, weakness, and suffering onto innocent and helpless offspring.

However, now that you're here in this world, if you do suffer from inherited sickness, weakness, and suffering, you can choose to be more honorable than your own parents, and refuse to perpetuate your suffering in the innocent and helpless bodies of as-of-yet unborn generations. You can make the sacrifice which will make the world a healthier, stronger, and more beautiful place, a place with less suffering, by selflessly refraining from having children of your own.

On the inverse side, if you are of exceptional health and strength, it is your absolutely duty to have as many children as you safely can. You too have sacrifices to make, sacrifices of time, money, and pursuit of selfish indulgences.

Just because you were born with exceptional genetic quality, that doesn't automatically make you good and admirable. It certainly doesn't make you honorable. No, you only earn those titles once you've proven it by the sacrifices you're willing to make.

It is the duty of the healthy and the strong to reproduce their health and strength, so that future generations may suffer less and less, for the only true cure for suffering is strength. And the strongest people are the healthiest.

This is how we makeup for all of the past generations up to this point.

Strong people suffer the least. And the strongest people are the healthiest. Therefore, the healthiest and strongest people must find each other and reproduce their health and strength in the bodies of children who will pave the way for all future generations, future generations that will overcome all unnecessary sickness, weakness, and suffering.

Both the sick and the healthy have their own sacrifices to make, sacrifices which earn them the accolades of honor and selflessness. The sick sacrifice their desire to have children, and the healthy sacrifice self-indulgence.

But this doesn't put the sick and the healthy at odds with one another, no, not in the slightest. Sickly people are not bad people, and they can serve the future of health, strength, and beauty by assisting those families whose obligation it is to have exceptionally large numbers of children. In this way, we still retain our greater racial connection to one another. Both the sick and the healthy serving a future with less and less unnecessary suffering.

As always, these are just my random, disorganized, and incomplete thoughts. You're free to take them or leave them. My mere out-loud thinking is no threat to you, I promise.

Original post - Positive Reproduction on Gab

Martial Collectiveness

Natural Order of Mankind: Martial Collectiveness

Originally written 11 March 2021 on Gab

The whole purpose of National Socialism, the philosophy of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, is to bring human society back into alignment with with Nature, with the natural order of all life on Earth.

When one lives in accordance with the natural order they live in reality - rather than the artificial world we live in today. Living in accordance with Nature results in healthier development of individuals, tribes, societies, countries, and whole civilizations. Deviation from the natural order, however, results in exactly what we see surrounding us today: sickness, weakness, ugliness, degeneracy, decay, decline, and general insanity.

So what is the natural order of humankind?

Well, for one, human beings are a collective species. We only survived our evolution by banding together and working in teams - placing the wellbeing of the group before one's personal interests. Today's world, however, is very individualistic, very selfish, and we're seeing very clearly the results of that unnatural mode of existence.

We're hardwired to need each other, a need rooted in our blood from the very beginning of our species. To abandon this need for one another will guarantee a fast track to extinction, and a long, slow, miserable suffering along the way.

Another aspect of the natural order of human beings, particularly that of the White race, is that we're a martial species. We evolved for organized warfare, right down to our earliest days of evolution. Organizing against predators, then against rivaling human tribes. This aspect too we cannot deviate from without causing ourselves great suffering, as evidenced by today's weak, effeminate, hyper-individualist society.

The most important aspect of organized warfare is the philosophy of selflessness. Even today, the modern warfighter goes into combat without a single worry about his own safety, because he's been trained to only worry about his brothers to his left and right. He doesn't have to worry about himself because he knows that his brothers are worrying about him, just as he is worrying about them. And this is the mindset that human society absolutely NEEDS if it ever hopes to survive.

Today's culture is a selfish one, a Capitalistic one, a culture of dog-eat-dog, of everyone out for self, of personal gain at the expense of everyone else, materially and monetarily. And this is a gross deviation from our race's natural order.

If we want to survive and achieve greatness as a race and culture, we have to return to our natural blood-philosophy of martial collectivism, of putting the health and wellbeing of our brothers and sisters above our own personal wants, needs, greed, ego, and concern. This is called self-preservation through selflessness. If we focus on our community instead of ourselves, then we can trust we're being looked out for by our community.

As always, these are just my random thoughts, you're free to take them or leave them.

Original post - Martial Collectiveness on Gab

25 December 2020

How Do We End Infighting?

How Do We End Infighting?

25 December 2020


We've all heard the question asked ad infinitum, and quite likely have asked the question both privately and publicly ourselves. How do we end the infighting within the pro-White community?

First thing's first: People are always going to fight. However, just because you see two people engaged in infighting, that doesn't mean you personally have to participate in it in any way.

The first step, then, is to completely ignore it when you see it. Let it die a natural death.

Most infighting thrives on attention alone. It requires an audience in order to survive at all. So do the one thing you actually have the power to do: starve it to death. Deny it that audience. Deny it the attention it so desperately and pathetically pleads for. Just ignore it, and thus suffocate it to death.


I know, some of you might say that I myself have been guilty of infighting in the past, and you'd be absolutely right. I've been involved in a small handful of infighting episodes, and as a result I've been forced into giving the phenomenon some very real thought over the years.

And in truth, the only time I've ever really participated was when I sincerely believed that the person or people I was combatting were not actual pro-Whites. I've only ever openly fought with those whom I genuinely believed were infiltrators who were attempting to harm our community via way of pretending to be one of us.

Every instance of infighting that I've ever been involved in was motivated by my paternal and fraternal instincts to protect my people.


Before infighting can even begin, someone has to feel that going after someone else is somehow even necessary and worth merit in the first place.

So the question is: When is it truly ever worthwhile to attack one of your own pro-White people?

Who does it benefit when pro-White fights pro-White? ... The answer is that only anti-Whites - of all races - benefit. Not one single pro-White person benefits when pro-Whites fight each other.


Differing opinions do not merit infighting. Just because someone disagrees with you, or just because you disagree with someone else, that doesn't mean either of you are enemies of the pro-White community. It just means you disagree...

You can completely disagree with each other and still remain valuable members of the pro-White community.

It may sound cliché, but the truth is that there really is more that unites us than divides us.

So, so long as we agree with each other on the most important fundamental core aspects of what it means to be pro-White - namely caring about the health and well-being of the White race, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, above all else - then there really is no good reason to bicker, argue, or infight with a fellow pro-White.


Right now we're in a state of ideological competition. And that's alright. We're all just trying to articulate the best pro-White ideology that we can, so that our people may benefit from it.

So let the ideas compete! And may the best ideas win! Because the best ideas mean the most benefit for White people - individually, and the pro-White community as a whole.

But don't view the competition as a hostile battle against other members of the pro-White community. Your competitors all want the same thing that you do: They want what is best for our people - for you and your children, and every generation that comes after them.

So when we compete in this way - detached from the lower, more childish aspects of our ego - we all benefit. No matter who wins, the White race wins. Our people win!

Friendly competition is good. It's healthy, even. Competition is the mechanism by which Nature stimulates the growth of improvement. But when it's between members of our own community, it must remain friendly and mutual. We are not each other's enemies.


So let people's actions reveal whether they're actually pro-White or not.

If they're truly pro-White, they will present their ideas to the ideological competition grounds for the people to accept or reject, to question or criticize; and they will humbly accept the community's verdict.

But if they present their ideas harshly, and attack those whose ideas rival their own, then they have revealed themselves to not actually be pro-White, and are thus a threat to our community. If someone feels threatened by the ideas of others, and thus feels the need to attack them for it, then they are not pro-White. They are pro-self at the very least, and an anti-White infiltrator at the worst.

And so, when we identify one of these potentially anti-White infiltrator threats, what do we do? We do the one thing that we actually have the power to do: We ignore them into oblivion. We starve and suffocate them of the attention they desperately demand. We drive them out of the community simply by pretending that they don't even exist.

We don't like or retweet anything they post. ANYTHING. And we certainly don't comment on it - not even privately in DMs.


In conclusion,

If you can recognize that, despite various trivial ideological differences, we are all pro-White brothers and sisters who put the spiritual and cultural freedom of our race above all else, then there won't be any infighting to begin with. If you recognize pro-Whites with different ideas and philosophies than your own as your brothers and sisters, you won't ever feel compelled to fight with them in the first place.

Ignoring infighting is a team effort. It's something we do silently, but entirely together as a team. And it requires every last one of us working together in this way to succeed.

It may seem impossible when looking at it from this current point in time, but just simply by practicing ignoring infighting whenever it pops up, you'll see that bringing it to a total and complete end is not as impossible as it may currently appear.

04 December 2020

An Aryan Expression

 "The most beautiful bodies should find one another, and so help to give the nation new beauty."

"It is unlawful for the best to produce anything but the most beautiful."

18 March 2020

"What Do You Even Do In Real Life?"

Random post 18 March 2020


For about the last year or so I've been feeling like there's just too much going on all at once. Just way too much for me to keep up with or make sense of. So it's been very difficult for me to determine what needs to be addressed and how to address it.

One thing that everyone has been saying since I've been involved in the greater pro-White community is "Well, what exactly are you doing for our people in real life?" And it's a fair question. We can't just contribute content on social media, even though social media activism is essential in the modern world. We actually have to do real things for real people in real life.

So what can you do?...


One thing I do in real life is volunteer taking care of an elderly blind White man who's on disability. It's not saving the world, but I know he certainly appreciates it. He lives on his own, has no family, and doesn't qualify for state assistance in terms of having an in-home caretaker.

He can see light and color, but otherwise his vision has no definition whatsoever. On top of the degradation of his vision, he has severe arthritis in his spine, which makes it considerably painful for him to get around. Overall he's pretty helpless, and it's heartbreaking to watch him go about his life.

When I first found out about his situation I tried for weeks to get in touch with state and private agencies that assist with the elderly, blind, and disabled. But every one of them told me that he had too much in his savings account to qualify for state assistance, but didn't have enough money to afford private care... And since he also has no family who can care for him, I naturally just started volunteering to help him out with whatever he needs.

I mostly just take him to the bank and to get groceries. I help him mail out his bills every month. I help him with chores around the house - cleaning the kitchen, mostly. And one time I spent a few days clearing wasp nests out of his attic and replacing the screens over the attic vents.

I know it's not much, what I do. But I know that I am making a difference in another White person's real life. And I'm happy to do things like this for good people. I never ask for anything in return, and I never will. I know it sounds cliche, but helping other White people live a healthier and happier life really is its own reward.


So guys, stop treating this whole thing like it's some competition to see who can be the best pro-White activist. Stop acting like the only person who matters is the one who's doing the most. So long as you're doing something, you matter, and what you're doing matters.

If you want to compete, compete against the enemy. Don't compete against your fellow pro-White brothers and sisters. Don't strive to feel superior to your own community. If you want to feel superior, feel superior to those who hate your community. Feel superior to those who want to see you and your community broken, defeated, conquered, and dead.

Our world is in horrible shape right now, guys. The last thing it needs is for pro-Whites to be competing against each other in some immature squabble for ego-gratification. Our people need help, not self-righteousness. So get out there and volunteer to help White people in need.

Volunteer to help a White family who's moving out of their old home and into a knew one - I've never, in my entire life, met anyone who didn't want more help moving. Moving sucks, so most people are genuinely grateful for any help they can get.

Volunteer babysitting for friends and family - give them some time to decompress once in a while, or just help them save some money by not having to pay for a sitter or daycare. Help house-sit or pet-sit. Help with a neighbor's yard work, or buy groceries for a White family that you know for a fact is struggling.

There are so many small things that absolutely need to be done, and no one's doing it. And meanwhile, while no one's doing any of those real life things, for real life people, that need to be done, countless arrogant morons are belittling each other online, talking down to each other over "actually doing something in real life".


How many of you idiots who demand that everyone needs to "get off your asses and do something in real life!" actually do anything in real life yourself?...

Every little bit counts, guys. So get out there and do your little bit. Don't think that there's a task that's so small that it's not worth doing. If a White person needs your help, just go out and help them. It's really that simple.

The purpose of being pro-White isn't so that our people might do something for us. It's so that we might do something for our people. If your primary motivation for being involved in the pro-White community isn't to serve your people, then you're not pro-White. Love your people, that's supposed to be why we're all here in the first place.

I love you, morons. Now start loving each other. Start taking care of each other. Our people need your generosity, not your self-righteousness.

10 March 2020

Purpose of Consciousness

Consciousness: What It Is, and What Its purpose Is.

Originally written summer of 2019 as a YouTube comment on a video of Chris Langan and his theory on the purpose of the universe.

8 July 2019

We are Nature's consciousness.

By nature, Nature is unconscious, because consciousness is the result of the animating source (God, spirit, soul, etc.) interfacing with the material neural network (brain, spine, nervous system, etc.), in the same way that light is the result of electricity (animating source) interfacing with the bulb's filament (material element).

Consciousness is the light produced by the application of spirit to body.

And so, Through our eyes Nature takes her first look at herself.

Through our consciousness of Nature, Nature becomes conscious of herself. And she likes what she sees. Much like a female in front of a mirror, our compulsion to explore and discover every aspect of the universe - from the smallest particles to the largest celestial bodies - is her desire to see more of herself.